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The Birth of the Chamber

Born out of a conversation between three British businessmen, J. Oughterson, C.E.Mirus and R.H Pierce, while dining on a rainy evening in July, 1857, at the exclusive European Club, in what was then called the Fort Cochin. The establishment of the Chamber coincided with the early pangs of a resurgent people in pursuit of independence and self rule, as witnessed in the First War of Independence in 1857


First Annual Meeting

The First Annual General Meeting was held on April 19, 1858. The formal rules of Chamber were adopted; the objects, included, promoting friendly feelings among the mercantile community


Cochin Chamber sets up a Statistics Department

A Statistics Department was set up by the Chamber to provide reports exclusively on the Export-Import data from the Cochin Port


Ernakulam Railway

The Chamber pressed for a broad gauge line to be constructed between Ernakulam and Shoranur, in addition to the metre gauge line that existed


Chamber started issuing the Certificates of Origin

The Chamber authorised by the Government of India started issuing Certificates of Origin


Commissioning of the Cochin Port

Sir Robert Bristow created the modern port of Cochin, with the safest inner harbour. The first ship entered and berthed alongside the new harbour on 26th May 1928


Incorporation of the Cochin Chamber

In 1931, it was decided that the Chamber should be registered under Section 26 of the Indian Companies Act


Weights & Measures Department of the Chamber

The Cochin Chamber set up the Weights & Measures Department


The Chamber welcomes Indian firms to its Membership

Following an amendment to the Constitution of the Chamber, the Chamber’s Membership was opened up to Indian firms


Monthly Tea Auctions

Regular monthly Tea Auctions commenced and Cochin became the second major auction centre in India. The Government agreed to the Chamber's request to locate the Tea Licensing Committee's office in Cochin, which afforded a long-needed convenience for exporters and shippers


The formation of Tea Trade Association

The Tea Trade Association was formed to promote the interests of the buyers and sellers, with the close co-operation and assistance of the Chamber's Secretariat


The Coir Board

The Coir Board was inaugurated on August 19. A Chamber deputation met H.V.R.Iyengar, Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Industry on August 20 and pressed the case for adequate representation for the Chamber on the Coir Board


The Visit of Madras Governor

The centralisation of Customs Examination of foreign export cargo at the Port's wharves commenced on August 16 for commodities subject to customs duty such as tea, pepper and cotton waste. His Excellency, the Governor of Madras, paid a visit to the Chamber in August. In his address, His Excellency expressed his interest in the welfare of the Chamber and in civic matters that concerned the Fort Cochin Municipality


Cochin Customs Advisory Committee formed

The Cochin Customs Advisory Committee was formed, of which the Secretary of the Chamber was a nominated member.


New Industrial Policy for the State was announced

In June, the Kerala Government issued a new policy to develop industries in the State. The Government of India announced its decision to locate a second Ship-building yard in Cochin


New Office Building of the Chamber on the Willingdon Island

The Chamber’s own building on the Willingdon Island was formally inaugurated on May 21 ,1962 and was formally declared open on June 11 by Mr. H. Mackey Tallack, President of the Associated Chambers of Commerce


Stock Exchange Advisory Committee

The President of the Chamber was nominated by the Kerala Government as a Member of a Committee, under the Chairmanship of M.K.K Nair to examine the proposal to set up a Stock Exchange in Kerala


Sub-Regional Office of the Regional Provident Fund

As a result of sustained efforts by the Chamber, the Government of India sanctioned the opening of a Sub-Regional Office of the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner in Cochin


125th Year of the Chamber

During the 125th year of the Chamber, a delegation from the Chamber called upon the Prime Minister of India, Smt. Indira Gandhi when she visited Cochin in January


The Government of Kerala declares Tourism as an Industry


First Tourism Policy for Kerala announced


Chamber sets up an Electronic Data Interchange


The Cochin International Airport is commissioned

The Cochin Chamber’s efforts towards this project bear fruit


150th Year of the Chamber

President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam graced the occasion as the Chief Guest


Commissioning of the International Container Transshipment Terminal
at Vallarpadam

The Cochin Chamber of Commerce and Industry was the first trade body that mooted the need to set up an International Container Transshipment Terminal at Vallarpadam


Cochin Chamber opens a Certification Office near the Airport

In April 2016, the Chamber opened a Certification Office near the Cochin International Airport at Nedumbassery in order to serve the air cargo businesses in the Airport area

Cochin Chamber starts issue of
e-Certificates of Origin

Cochin Chamber becomes the first Chamber in the country to issue electronic Certificates of Origin. In August 2016, the Cochin Chamber began issuing electronic Certificates of Origin thereby reducing the turnaround time in the export documentation


160th Year of the Chamber

Vice President Shri. M. Venkaiah Naidu was the Chief Guest on the occasion