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The Cochin Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Cochin Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in the year 1857 by a group of nine Englishmen. Having completed 160 years of service to the region’s commerce, industry and trade the Cochin Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the oldest Chamber of Commerce in the State of Kerala and one among the oldest in the country. Ours is a heritage and legacy which is incomparable. Affiliated to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), New Delhi, we are also one of its five Promoter Chambers.

Mission Statement

The Chamber stands for "Development that is Equitable, Sustainable and Green’ and its membership encompasses a wide spectrum of the industrial, business, and trade sectors in Kerala."

The Cochin Chamber of Commerce & Industry is proud of its "Storied Past and a Priceless legacy". We are committed to providing the highest quality of service in the most professional manner to our Members and the community that we serve.

The Chamber acts, advocates and liaises promptly and efficiently with the Government, other agencies, organisations and the society at large to promote the cause of its Members. Excellence, perfection and satisfaction in all our dealings for the furtherance of the aspirations of the business community in Kerala is our motto.

We stand committed to fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility and also working towards promoting a viable and sustainable environment policy by involving ourselves in initiatives aimed at preserving and promoting our fragile ecosystem. It is our constant endeavour to achieve all this through a process of continual introspection and improvement. History shows that from its inception the Chamber has been involved in and has supported various initiatives, economic and social in the State and has played a leading role in ensuring the all-round development of the State.