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Mr. P.M. Veeramani


Senior Partner,

RGN Price & Co. Chartered Accountants.

phone (O):0484 2312960, Fax:0484 2312735

Mr. Anand Venkitraman

Vice President

Chief Executive Officer -SBU A &
Whole Time Director
Harrisons Malayalam Ltd.

phone 0484 2668023

Mr. K. Harikumar

Immediate Past President

Managing Director,

The Travancore Cochin Chemicals Ltd.

phone 0484 2545425

Mr. V. Venugopal

Committee Member

Vice President - Legal (Retd.),

Harrisons Malayalam Ltd.

phone 0484 2666377, 2668023, Fax:0484 2668024

Mr. C.S. Kartha

Committee Member

Managing Partner,

Karthas Shipping Solutions


phone 0484 2306953

Mr. Bibu Punnooran

Committee Member


Medivision Scan & Diagnostic Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.

phone 0484 4112000, 2357044, 4033900

Mr. P.S. Menon

Committee Member

Managing Director,

Tropicana Logistics Pvt. Ltd

phone 0484 4030224, 4030244

Mr. S.P. Kamath

Committee Member

Executive Director,

Amalgam Foods Limited.

phone (O):0484 2668680, Fax:0484 2668130

Ms. Vinodini Issac

Committee Member

Managing Director, 

Team One Advertising Company Pvt. Ltd. 

phone 0484 2316096

Mr. Praveen Thomas Joseph

Committee Member

Chief Executive Officer,

India Gateway Terminal Pvt. Ltd.

phone 0484 4156200

Mr. Prakash Iyer

Regional Manager

Marine Container Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. 
Willingdon Island 
Cochin-682 003. 

phone 0484 4077900-907, 909