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Representation to the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala regarding problems faced by Synthite Industries


The Cochin Chamber of Commerce & Industry is deeply distressed and concerned to learn that one of the leading and world-renowned industries in the State – Synthite Industries – is contemplating exiting Kerala due to certain unfavourable working conditions and ongoing strikes in their factory, which has adversely affected the smooth working and productivity of the Company.


In tune with the Government’s agenda of canvassing more and more investments to the State, we expect immediate intervention of the authorities concerned to see that the issues are amicably resolved in order to quell the unrest in the said Company.


It is saddening to note that a Company, established in the year 1972 and currently providing direct employment to over 2,500 people is contemplating a drastic move such as this over the unpleasant turn of events leading to disruption of their business by the direct actions of a prominent trade union of the State. This need to be addressed resolved with a view to protect the industry. 


Synthite Industries, which has a turnover of Rs.1,800 Crores and accounts for over 50% of India’s exports of spices and spice extracts, is a prominent member of the Cochin Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is a Company that has in a few decades become a name to be reckoned with as one of the leading employers in Kerala – a home-grown Company that Kerala should be proud of. 


The current Government has time and again reiterated that they want to make Kerala an investor-friendly State. The Government should reaffirm their commitment to promoting industry in Kerala by initiating affirmative actions in this instance to ensure that the said Company is allowed to function without any hassles, as they have been doing all this while. The negative impact of the move contemplated by the Company will have very serious and long-lasting repercussions to the industry as a whole, and future investments in Kerala.

At a time when every State in the country is working overtime to attract investments, it is unthinkable that we would allow a Company like Synthite Industries to move away from here. The Government must act and act now.


According to the Company, all their efforts in resolving the issues have come to naught. We understand that the Company, as part of a possible exit strategy, has already slowed down its production in Kerala and has started moving raw materials to their factories outside the State. This is a very distressing trend and needs to be arrested immediately. Such a move could set the ball rolling for other companies to consider leaving Kerala when they face similar problems. This will also hamper the Government’s efforts in attracting fresh investments to the State in the future. 


In the circumstances, the Cochin Chamber of Commerce & Industry urges the Government and all concerned to step in and resolve all outstanding issues immediately to facilitate the smooth functioning of the Company without any further delay.